Moving on to Something New

As I finish up emptying my old office, I can’t help but think of all of the great times.

I’m starting a new gig after this upcoming Memorial Weekend 2014.

I spent the last three years building and managing outreach and support content for a telecommunications company in Portland, Oregon called Stephouse Networks. I cut my teeth planning and developing both marketing content as well as internal and external support content for many of our wireless products.

It was hard work. Our team had some great times. We grew. We changed. It was equal parts frustrating, awesome, fun, sad, and enlightening.

What’s Next?

A few months ago, I realized that I needed something different. I was itching to tackle a new challenge. I found that opportunity through a handful of like-minded content folks in the Portland area.

Starting next week, I’ll leave the in-house life to wrangle content for an agency in the Portland area called Babcock & Jenkins as a Content Specialist. I can’t wait to join the team.

About these like-minded content folks. There isn’t a more caring, cooperative group of people than the global content strategy collective. I repeat– if you’re into content on whatever part of its massive spectrum, please take time away from the nuts and bolts, the data and the analytics, and the moving writing, and meet other folks. It’s such a constant flow of energy. These folks are there when you need a boost. They’re there to lend a hand when you’re down. These friendships are worth every moment you put into them.*

*My statement above likely applies to every industry and craft… except for maybe Solo Bounty Hunting.

Still in the Neighborhood

I’ll still be in the Portland area to get together, talk shop, and build stuff. You people know who you are.

If I don’t know you yet, I enjoy getting together to talk shop and build stuff. Let me know if you’re interested. If you just want to eat and enjoy the weather with some company, I’m down with that too.

To my Stephouse Networks/NW Towers pals– best of luck with all the pretty neat stuff on the horizon.

To the BNJ team– thanks for adding me to the crew and I hope I can make you all proud.

Don’t forget to boil your water, Portland. Have a great holiday weekend.

2 thoughts on “Moving on to Something New”

    1. Thanks, Jean. I’m excited to continue to grow and take on new challenges. BNJ is definitely putting me to work!

      I would love to catch up sometime!

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